Ag Valuation

Texas law, effective January 1, 2012, made it possible for beekeeping to qualify for an Ag Valuation on property taxes. This is covered in the Tax Code under Chapter 23, Subchapter D, Sect. 23.51 (1) and (2).

There have been many questions about the new laws enacted by the 88th legislative session as it applies to agriculture valuation of property.

First and foremost, the rules governing ag valuation are dictated by the appropriate appraisal district. TAIS does not collaborate with local county offices to mandate registration. However, TAIS is aware that registration through our office is used to show the existence of bee hives on a property for that purpose.

TAIS no longer offers and INTRAstate permit, which allowed the movement of bee hives between counties within the state of Texas. The INTERstate permit is not a suitable replacement for the intrastate permit. The interstate permit is to be used for bee hives transversing STATE lines only.

The import/export permits are no longer offered. They are replaced with the interstate permit.

Apiary registration is no longer offered by TAIS and has been replaced by Beekeeper Registration.

Beekeeper Registration would be the closest applicable form to the apiary registration, which is no longer available.

These are changes that are being implemented as of September 1, 2023.

For more information about Ag Valuation with honey bees, please follow the link below to the Texas Beekeepers Association’s website:

Ag Valuation

NOTE: This website is a third-party website, and the Texas Apiary Inspection Service is not responsible for any posted information on the aforementioned site.



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