Inspection Procedures

TAIS uses a uniform method for inspecting each beekeeping operation: 10% of an operation’s hives (up to 100 hives) will be inspected in 50% of the apiary sites (up to 5 sites).This protocol will allow TAIS to determine the health of each operation. TAIS inspectors will sterilize inspection equipment prior to beginning an inspection.

If American Foulbrood (AFB) is found in an apiary, the hives infected will be required to be destroyed and the apiary in which the AFB was found will be quarantined and re-inspected in 30 days. If no more AFB is found, the quarantine will be lifted. These same guidelines will be used for novel pests found in an apiary.

It is the goal of TAIS to stop the transmission of communicable diseases and pests through these rigorous inspection procedures.

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